Team Registration is officially open and closes at 6:00pm on Friday, September 30.

Late entries will not be accepted!

Click here for tournament rules

Steps to Register the Team

1. Join the tournament chat room on Discord to find teammates, updated rules and latest announcements. Click here to sign up and get to Discord 

2. Each team needs to have 4 players (matches are 3v3). Pick your roster wisely, as all your players need to be available to play all of the matches.

3. Find your Discord username (example#1234) You must include the #XXXX number after your Discord.

4. Find your EpicID . Click here to see how to find your EpicID for Rocket League. Never played Rocket League? You can create a new account here.


 Team Captains: Please fill out the following registration form in its entirety. Before you register, make sure you have the name, grade, email, shirt size, Discord username, and EpicID information from EACH team member.

After registration, each team member will receive an email from us with links to a permission form that must be filled out by your parent/guardian. You will not be allowed to participate in the program without your parent/guardian signature. As the Captain, it’s your responsibility to make sure each player on your team is having their parents sign the permission form.

    Team Info

    Team Captain

    Player 2

    Player 3

    Player 4


    After submittal, a parent/guardian permission form will be emailed to all participants for signature. You cannot compete in the program until a parent/guardian has signed the permission form.

    Tournament Partners