HighSchool.GG eSports Showcase @ Freemont Foundry – read all of the details and complete the permission form below!

Dear Student, Teacher, Parent Guardian.

Thanks for you (or your student/child’s) participation at the school IT Director’s conference (https://wwcst.org/conference/) at the Freemont Foundry on Friday, Oct 4th, 2019. This activity can count for community service, so please have your student bring a form to have hours recorded. Todd Conley is the contact. Text 206.914.9946 and include your name and why you are texting.

FREE Lunch begins at 11:45 and goes to 12:45. . Players need to arrive by noon, and will be gaming throughout the afternoon until 4pm. The point of the rocket league event is to showcase eSports in a positive light to school administrators that are not familiar with eSports. We expect all participants to be a positive representative of the gaming community, and of their school. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Students under 18 need to have their parents sign a permission form and media release. Students and adults 18 and over need to sign the attached release. If you are not comfortable being photographed and on video, then this event is not for you. When you’re gaming, face will be shown on the displayboards throughout the venue and you could also be seen on twitch. YOU (OR YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN IF UNDER 18) MUST FILL OUT THE LINKED FORM TO BE CONFIRMED FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE EVENT.

Students should wear clothing that represents the school they are from.

This is not an official school district activity. 

Freemont Foundry is located at 154 N 35th St, Seattle, WA 98103 .

All attendees (and chaperones, volunteers, fans) should communicate with Todd at 206.914.9946 if you are running late. If you send a SMS (text message), please include your name so we know you are.

Hygiene is important for in-person gaming events. Please bring deoderant and a change of shirt if you are a gamer that gets heated during intense Rocket League action! Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during the event. Bring a charger for your phone. You can bring your gaming headset, mouse, keyboard, controller as desired, but this will be provided for those that do not wish to bring their own peripherals. Please do not wear flip-flops or open toed footware. All clothing for all participants must be school/business/esports appropriate.

Make sure you know your username & password for STEAM and DISCORD so that you can login to Rocket League. Make sure you know your mouse sensitivity and keybindings.

Anyone cheating in any form or fashion during the event will be immediately disqualified and reported to their school administration.

Participants are encouraged to high five, but please make sure you have consent from your teammates and opponents before any post game hugs or other contact. Any sexually innapropriate or suggestive contact or behiavor will result in immediate removal from the event, and will be reported to the authorities.

If you find typos in this description, then come up to Todd on friday and let him know. Whoever finds the most typos wins!

Trash talking can be fun, but toxic behavior is not allowed. Players and Commentators understand that their voices are being broadcast and recorded and that all language will be appropriate for a school and toxic-free eSports setting.

Your opponents and teammates will change throughout the event, so remember that we’re all on the same team that’s working to show school administrators that eSports are a fun sport full of positive teamwork.

We are all gracious winners, and we are not sore losers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re reading this, then you probably didn’t event description above!

Contact Us

Our contact information is in the event description above. You should have read that entire event description. Email todd@highschool.gg for general questions.

See you Friday!

After you’ve submitting the permission form, we’ll send you updated information about the tournament. We’ll see you friday!

More info?

Are you really sure you read the event info above?TXT Todd or reach out to info@highschool.gg, If you’re a gamer, then hit us up on discord.