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Idaho High School

Esports Championships


Saturday, April 27th, 2019   |   Boise, Idaho

Sat Apr 27, 2019 Boise, ID

Register Below. Questions? Reach us at idaho@highschool.gg or talk to us in Discord

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Get the opportunity to reign as the best gaming high school in Idaho at the largest collegiate esports arena in the US!

Check-in will begin at 8am on Saturday, April 27th at Boise State’s multiple gaming labs and finals will be held at the Boise State Gamepants Esports Arena next to campus, where they will be streamed on stage with a full production crew, commentators and live audience. Students will have practice areas and places to lounge with free drinks and snacks. Oh, and opportunities to win great trophies and prizes!

Entry fee is $45. You can enter multiple events, but we cannot guarantee player spots in multiple events due to scheduling.  After registration closes, we’ll finalize the schedule and work with you to determine which team(s) you’ll play for. We provide the gaming PCs for the event. Players are welcome to bring their own keyboard/mouse and headset. If you’re playing Smash Bros, please bring your Switch with you. HighSchool.GG is a nonprofit and all entry fees go to covering a great event for you! 

Registration closes Monday, April 15th. After registration is closed, we will choose the most popular games and generate a schedule. Based on the popularity of last year’s event, we are considering having online qualifiers, if needed, which will be held after school the week of April 15th.

Rules, Mapsets and Formats will be finalized after registration closes on April 15th. This is to ensure we can provide the best opportunities for play.  Online qualifying play (if needed) will start the week of April 15th, at which time all draws and tournament logistics will be communicated to all participants.

More questions? See the FAQ.

Please choose which game(s) you would like to compete in below. Schools without enough participants for a team can combine teams.

CSGO: 5 players per team
5 players per team
League of Legends:
5 players per team
APEX Legends:
3 players per team
Rocket League:
3 players per team

Overwatch: 6 players per team
Smash: TBD based on interest
  “shootout” format TBD based on number of entries (duos & fours)


Raffle prizes for players include a gaming PC, HTC Vive, headsets, keyboards, mice, monitors, chairs and more! Trophies and prizes will be awarded to tournament champions.

School Attendance Award: Win a party at Boise State with the Varsity Esports Team if your school has the most fans in attendance!